Using SEO Search Engine Optimization to Enhance Your Company’s Earning Potential

Using SEO Search

AAny company owner looking for additional website traffic may do well to consider hiring an agency or consultant to give the company more exposure using SEO.

Gone are the days of having to pay huge sums in pay per click advertising just to get a bigger share of the internet market.

These days, companies prefer to use SEO techniques to provide them with a more permanent presence on the World Wide Web, therefore cutting down on costs while still being assured of a consistent stream of site traffic.

Depending on the needs of the business though, several SEO search engine techniques are now being utilized by professionals who specialize in the application of SEO to any type of business.
Some online companies will require a more search engine friendly website,

SEO helps build long-term equity for your brand

while others will do well by building a network of links that lead directly to their sites. Whatever methods are used, the ultimate goal is for the business to increase its profitability through a larger number of sales.

SEO search engine techniques

SEO Attractive To Online Companies

What makes SEO attractive to online companies is its cost-efficiency. Whatever you pay in SEO service fees is greatly offset by the number of buyers that visit your site because of high rankings in the search engine results pages.

Once every facet of the business is optimized to enable indexing from search engine spiders, you are guaranteed a long term advertisement that would stay there as long as the search engine directories are active.

SEO AdvertisementsPaid Advertisements

In a recently concluded study, researchers found out that most internet users will always pay attention to the first five listings that come up on results pages when using search engines.

A very limited percentage of the people involved in the study actually checked the paid advertisements which can be usually found on the right column of the page where search results are listed.

This just means that the search results turned up by search engine spiders were considered as more reliable rather than the paid advertisements that shared the page with the results.

SEO techniques can also be customized to cater to small businesses that don’t do business over the internet on an international level, and this is what we call local SEO.

Local SEO focuses on keywords that are optimized especially for a certain geographical area or locale.

This technique was introduced as a result of a great number of people searching the internet for goods and services which can be had in their own towns.

This is employed not only by small businesses but also by larger companies that have several regional outlets and would want to establish their presence in a particular area. 


SEO Search Engine Optimization

All in all, SEO search engine optimization can do wonders for your business, especially if you’re just starting out OR if you’re running out of ideas that can drive the necessary traffic to your site to produce a steady income.

Whether you are a fledgling company or are already established in your niche, SEO services can help you get a bigger share of your target market.

SEO helps businesses to find new customers and promote their brand on top pages of search engines that make easy for users to find your brand.

SEO Search Engine Marketing – The Top 6 Methods

There are many ways to market your website on the internet. Not every method works for every type of website or business.

However, there are some methods that will make your SEO search engine marketing efforts a success regardless of your goals.

  1. Fresh, targeted content is a must! All of your website’s content must be search engine optimised. Every page, even your contact page, should have a 2-3% keyword density. This is the only way you will get on the search engine’s radar.
  2. Don’t stop at your website. Optimize all of your marketing options, including classified advertisements, article submissions, blogs, and paid guest posts.
  3. Target your pay-per-click ads to your particular area. Even if your business does not have to be localized, you will find that your best clients buy locally. Furthermore, you will discover that you rank higher in search engines, receive more total traffic to your site, and pay less for pay-per-click advertising. This is because you have much less competition keeping it local than by trying to compete on a global scale.
  4. Use SEO search engine marketing tools provided by the search engines. These are there to make everyone’s lives easier, yours and theirs. For example, getting an XML site map uploaded to Google’s webmaster tools does wonder for what pages of your site get crawled, and they will be crawled more often. The more your site is crawled the higher your ranking.
  5. Update your website, classified ads, listings, articles, and pay-per-click marketing campaigns frequently. Depending on the type of website you are promoting, you should update your content at least once per month, if not more. If you are running a blog, you need to post new, fresh content every day.
  6. The most forgotten SEO search engine marketing method is that of placing certain metatags. Each search engine has their own tag that can be placed on your website, telling that search engine how often to crawl your site. If your site has fresh, keyword-focused content each time your site is crawled, your ranking will skyrocket.

5 Factors to Consider When Creating an SEO-Friendly Website

Should you consider search engine optimization before or after the launch of your website? Website optimization is a crucial part of the website designing process.

If you entirely focus on the aesthetic aspects and user experience while designing your new website, it could have serious consequences on the digital success of your brand.

Think of it this way, if you’re spending thousands of dollars for getting your website beautifully designed by a web design agency, would you like to spend more money and extra time to alter the site design in order to suit your optimization and business needs?

SEO is a continual effort, and in order to construct a more effective website, you must use optimization tactics in the web design process.

Here are five factors to consider while creating an SEO-friendly website.

#1. Choose a discoverable but unique domain name

A good SEO strategy and linguistic design practice start with choosing a domain name for your website that is easy to remember, think about, search for and navigate on the web.

Your domain name will affect your search engine ranking. When choosing a brand domain name, remember 4 golden rules in mind: keep it short, easy to type, unique, and keyword-based.

It is a good practice to include keywords but not multiple keywords in your domain name. A recent study has revealed that the correlation between domain name and keyword is fairly high.

A domain name with an exact keyword match has a better chance of ranking high in search engines.

Buy a domain name that helps you create a success story.

#2. User-friendly link structures

What does, in your opinion, makes a website ‘crawlable’? A crawlable website has a high number of quality links that can be easily discovered by search engine spiders.

When developing a website, it is essential to build search engine-friendly link structures.

If your website lacks a proper link structure, search engines will not yield appropriate results, and you don’t want this to happen with your website.

If you want to target specific keywords, make sure your internal links have those keywords in the anchor text and are at the top of the HTML.

#3. SEO optimized content

Web metrics used by search engines place high importance on a website’s content quality.

Search engines are continually keeping an eye on the material on your website.

A website cannot be deployed with blank web pages. Before your website goes live on the Internet, it must have high-quality content.

Make certain that the content you supply to the designer for inclusion on the website is viewable and indexable by search crawlers.

Prepare text based on important keywords (but don’t do keyword stuffing) before uploading to the website.

The image or video description, page titles and meta descriptions should be optimized to make it easier for your website to rank well in search results.

#4. Responsive web design

Well, who doesn’t know about responsive web design – a term that exploded in the digital forefront in early 2012.

In simple terms, responsive web design (RWD) means your webpages will reformat themselves depending on the different screen sizes they are being displayed on.

Ask your web design agency to develop a responsive website for your business if you want to succeed in SERPs.

But what’s the SEO benefit of responsive web design?

A responsive design is a superior alternative for SEO since it makes it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl and index website material.

Responsive websites have a lower bounce rate as compared to those websites that are not responsive. With RWD you only need to focus your SEO on one single site.

#5. Integrate social media into the website

A great SEO friendly website must include social media as it directly affects your SEO efforts.

Search engines are much interested in the social recognition of your business. Integration of social channels into your website improves search ranking and conveys that your website is credible.

When social media is integrated properly into your website, the SEO-social media synergism can drive more traffic to your website and capture more leads.

SEO process takes time and requires efforts to get results so why not think about it before launching your website.

Starting early can provide you with greater rewards in terms of web traffic and conversion rates. It’s essential for your website to look attractive but it is equally important to make it search engine friendly.

Follow these 5 factors to make your new website SEO friendly. Don’t miss the SEO benefits, start acting now!



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