The Sick Truth of Clickstream Data [SEMRush Trends?]

Truth about clickstream data

Most companies, marketers and business owners know that how to collect utilize and process internal data of the company to improve the performance of the business.

But data sources can be harder to come by when it comes to competitors.

Analysis and competitive research play a very important role in any successful business you can say the heart of any business.

When seeking a competitive edge external data provide an invaluable resource.

In the online world, clickstream provides the key where competitors scout us about the only way to break down the competition.

You may hear the word clickstream before now. This post is about clickstream data which show that how brands have benefits of digital presence.

Here is a description about clickstream.

Big Question What is Clickstream Data?

Digital marketers will choose analytic x-ray vision if he is given chance to choose one superpower.

Imagine the insights which you could get with access to the website data of your competitors.

You can adjust your market straight and optimize your site leading to a border, increased conversion and engaging More audience.

You can’t get a superpower anytime.

But clickstream offers the best options to gather these kinds of insights.

For instance, you just open your Google and search how can I fix a flat tire?

Google will provide various results and videos but you will choose YouTube videos, during watching a video you may follow the advertisement of the Firestone tires website.

And finally, you buy a new set of tires and you close your browser.

Clickstream data offers various benefits like along with the basic necessary information about the page which you have visited, clickstream data also provide data like how much a user spent his time on that page.

What features did he explore during the browse?

And where he went next. These types of features and availability make clickstream data best to get real traffic.

It provides real insights to consumers and it also provides information to make effective digital straight for any business.

ClickStream Data May Not be Useful (If)

Clickstream data from millions of internet data is collected by data companies.

But companies just Collect the data of those users, who give them permission to do so.

These users are called panellists in the industry. Companies provide IDs for identity.

Aggregation of this data help to explore the performance of competitors website in the form of statics.

  • Estimated traffic
  • Traffic source
  • Time on page
  • Share of unique and return visitors
  • Bounce rate

It is very important to know that clickstream data is different from analytics data.

Because analytics data provides precise metrics associated with ab individual domain.

While on the other hand, clickstream data is associated with individual users their navigation in various domains.

Does Clickstream Data Feature is Awesome?

There are various traditional market research methods that can create numerous challenges for online marketers such as hand on visibility testing, survey, focus group.

But these methods can also provide insight. Which is often labour-intensive, Expensive and time-consuming.

To change market conditions marketers need accessible timely, and versatile data.

When clickstream data is compared with traditional market research method:

It is able to offer timely insight. Because it is gathered in real-time as traffic navigates through the web.

To do this, with traditional research there are none of the waits is associated with things like test delivery and expert analysis.

Do you know Clickstream data is more versatile?

It is highly complicated while preparing clickstream data or developing algorithms to analyze. Once data is set. It can be used to drive countless insights.

It limits your work which is involved in analyzing and collecting data through more traditional research methods.

Clickstream data shows the big picture, while traditional research methods just focus on specific outputs and they mostly target specific audiences.

Clickstream data depicts a wide variety of traffic and their actions and they navigate naturally across the web.

It allows you to collect more comprehensive data leading to more clear dynamic and actionable insights.

Semrush’s Traffic Analytics Tool Reveals

Traffic analytics tools reveal the approximate number of visitors and unique visitors of any website.

The visits represent the number of terms during which a view of visitors about one or more pages.

Understanding the traffic trends in this regard to trends metrics can help you to understand the other players of the industry.

Then you can compare your own numbers with Google analytics and with your competitors and they make educated predictions about future market trends.

User Behavior, Bounce Rate & Engagement

Traffic analytics help to allow you to assess user behaviour based on their engagement signals with the help of clickstream data.

  • Bounce rate
  • How many pages view per visit
  • The average duration of visit

These insights can help you to rival site content for best performance it doesn’t matter that it can manage or fail to engage your audience.

This information can help to improve the quality of your content.

ClickStream can Largest Audience Shares of your Competitors. 

Analytics reveals which pages subdomains or folders attract the largest audience share of your competitors based on traffic data.

The most popular subdomains which are used by your competitors mean that this is your competitors most popular language.

These are typically used to run multilingual websites.

Most famous subfolders will highlight that which website parts a blog, sections, puzzles, games.

And lastly, the most famous pages will reveal which individual Campaign content pieces for top audience magnets.


If you want to gain actionable insights for your company competitors, nothing can beat clickstream data.

Clickstream data offers easy, timely, easy to comprehend, big picture insights, unlike traditional user research techniques that can have a huge effect on your marketing strategy efforts.

The tools which are based on clickstream data can provide for business deep value.

Understanding emerging trends not only helps to make a better decision about Marketing but it gives marketing Intel which helps to play a vital role in defining the future of your industry.

At the end of the day, you will not trend follower but you will trendsetter.


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