The Most Boring Article About Market Trends You’ll Ever Read [For 2022 Marketer]

Top 10 Trends Features, Products Every Marketer Should Explore in 2022

Top 10 Trends Every Marketer Should Explore

T hrough traffic analytics market Explorer you can get an instant overview and deep competitive insights that provide show emerging trends and growth opportunities for your business. If you have consumed your precious time to discover and explore trends then there are some features that you haven’t explored yet.

Trends tools contain graphs and charts, historical data, filtering options and customized widgets all are available to you.

Here is a description of most too ten traffic analytics market Explorers that can help you in your business. Explorers that can help you in your business.

deep competitive insights that offer a clear view of emerging trends

In this article, we explore the financial services industry to discover the Top 10 Trends features that every marketer should explore.

Top 10 Trends features

Do you know Market Explorer’s Market Summary:

Simply, market Explorer provides access to understand your market. You can understand that how the market is evolving, you can identify your competitors and you can understand your market audience by using it…

This market Explorer summary offers high-level information about the market that can help to understand as a whole.

It including:

Market size, market traffic cost, market traffic, the level of market competition, market individual share and the role of their key players.

How Market Competition Works:

Within the market under consideration, The graph of market competition shows your level of competition.

Harder competition means that percentage is high. Market competition is at 21% make it easy to compete when it comes to financial service.

This information can help to enter a new company in the market. It gives an idea about the position of your new entering company among other brands.

In the financial services industry, market competition stands at 21%, making it reasonably easy to compete… 

Market Explorer Growth Strategy Explained:

In market explorer tools growth Quadrant feature helps you to visualize the competitive landscape and provide ideas about that competitor which is a game-changer in your market. This position is determined by traffic matrices and the percentage of traffic growth.

The QoQ option displays the movement of rivals across the growth quadrant over the last year’s quarters…

If you want to see that over the period of time how the competitive positioning has changed to do this, year over year and quarter over quarter option in upper limit and widget of the right-hand corner.

This option across the growth Quadrant shows the moment of competitors over each quarter of the past year.

How the position can change, you can see with the view which provides insights into shifting trends as a whole within the market.

Market Explore Demographics Report:

This report including various widgets can provide you information about your market audience, including their gender breakdown, age their interest, and their social media preference.

Understanding of demographics report can help you to better communicate and to meet your needs.

For instance, the chart of social media preference shows that the largest percentage of your audience uses Facebook and YouTube coming in second.

It becomes easier to make strategic decisions about partnership and where to place ads or developing market efforts with the help of this demographics report information.

Market Explorer Benchmarking Report:

It makes it easy to compare against one another competitors. And against as a whole market.

For easy analysis, it provides a number of widgets that depicts the different metrics side by side.

You can view change among competitors over time by considering the individual graph by adjusting the date of the tool at the upper right hand corner.

Distribution strategy graph of social media takes for example. Capital one focus 3% on its social media marketing in October 2019, on YouTube.

However, they didn’t advertise at all, because YouTube has become much popular with the overall market.

Across the period, viewing this data can warn you to shift in the market or illuminate strategies of your competitors which help you to develop your own.

Traffic Analytics Audience Overlap:

The audience overlap graph can reveal how much your audience you share with your competitors.

When moving on to traffic analytics. You can share with your competitors and what kind of audience you may be missing.

By clicking the checkboxes you can simplify the graphs to look at specific websites.

For instance, if we want to get information about that how audience has overlap with two large competitors.

They might notice that the shared audience of Experian with capital one is large than its Audience shared with Chase which is almost 2M visitors.

Traffic Analytics Traffic Journey:

The traffic journey graph shows the visual flow of where your traffic comes from and where it goes after leaving your website.

To understand this strategy you might be able to build an understanding of what websites send the most audience to competitors and which websites they visit after leaving your websites.

Google organic search and traffic sources can provide you with a lot of information about the way in which people search for financial services.

The charts depict a number of websites that users tend to go to after leaving when looking at the top destination.

For instance, when 40% audience returns to Google after visiting capital One or Chase websites. Only 7% discovers Audience land back to Google.

This information offers a deeper dive to understand what discovery is going differently.

Traffic Analytics Top Pages Report:

It provides us with information about which pages on competitors sites are recovering the most traffic.

To help you to determine unique visitors page views and traffic sources, the numbers are broken down into several categories.

This tool provides several filtering options to get more information.

Filter by page can be used the tool will filter those pages which include those words of URLs that are entered by you.

Traffic Analytics Regional Traffic Analytics:

Across the globe traffic analytics tools provide data about competitors activities.

You can get information about the countries where their businesses are performing best.

Country graph of traffic trend is a good place to look when it comes to identifying activities of competitors across the globe.

Eyeon’s Trends and Timeline:

This is one of the newest tools that let you keep close watch of competition.

By entering up to five competitors you can get information and can automatically track their google search ads and content.

It allows you to see trends in your competitors. Through this tool, you can see new content releases and a timeline of ads.

Eyeon’s Weekly Competitor Update Emails:

To track your competitor, this process can be overwhelming.

But you can do this with Eyeon’s tool which provides updates on your competitor on weekly basis through Email.

You can see an overview of your competitor activities by using this tool.


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