How to Start Business on Amazon and Earn Online [Secret Method 2022]

How to Start Business on Amazon 2022

MMost people are directly affected by COVID-19 and have no way of making money during this period of lockdown. But some people start Working online to earn money these days.  Most people ask questions that which platform is best to start a business and earn online.

It is suggested that one of the best and secure businesses is Amazon because Amazon is one of the top e-commerce retailers across the USA recording sales figures of around $369 billion in 2020.

It is a good opportunity and source of income for those who want to become e-commerce sellers and earn money online from Amazon...

Amazon is a big e-commerce marketplace to start

Amazon is a big e-commerce marketplace to start and boost your business. You need to just start your business, it’s Amazon responsibility to provide buyers because Amazon manage everything. There are many ways to earn money with Amazon by selling and even without selling.

Here are some strategies to start your Amazon business and earn money online.

start your Amazon business

Register for Amazon FBA:

If you want to start your business on Amazon, once you enrol for Amazon FBA or fulfilment by Amazon, it’s his responsibility to storage, picking and packing even shipping, returns or refunds of your products.

However, to start a business with Amazon, you just need to select your product from anywhere like Alibaba and make improvement and label it with your private brand.

To start a business on Amazon first if all you need to sign up for Amazon seller, central and submit your products description.

Ship your products to Amazon and their fulfilment the Centre will take care of their distribution. When customers buy your products from Amazon delivery will be fulfilled by Amazon.

In simple words, to start a business on Amazon you must need to select your products and fulfil the all basic necessity description about your products on Amazon.

It’s all Amazon responsibility to ship, picking, packing, return, refund your products.

Leverage Retail Arbitrage:

If you are completely novice in the category of leverage retail arbitrage, the most cheapest and easy way to earn money from Amazon would be to make use of leverage retail arbitrage, through this process you can save your shipping cost.

As it is heavy by his name and sound. Its process is totally simple because you can buy stocks from anywhere like Alibaba or any private shop, or local retailers, and sell them on Amazon.

You must look to the discounted products to buy and later sell them on Amazon with your mark-up for a profit.  

buy and sell them on Amazon

Simply, Buy discounted products from any local retailers and sell them on Amazon with your own mark-up for a profit. Through this process, you can easily start your business on Amazon.

Use online arbitrage:

 This process is just like a leverage retail arbitrage but there is bit little difference, in leverage retail arbitrage you buy discounted products from anywhere and sell them on Amazon, with our own mark-up and a profit but on another hand in online arbitrage you buy discounted products online like from eBay and sell them on Amazon with your own brand tag with a profit.

It is an easy way to start your business. This method is also a time-Saving method to start a business and earn money online with Amazon.

Amazon with your own brand tag with a profit, start business and earn money online.

Publish Books using Kindle:

It is another way to earn money online by Amazon. People who have interesting in writing and they have good writing skills can kick off their book publishing dreams by using Amazon publishing direct kindle service.

KDP is the most famous and easy way to publish your books within 24-48 hours and is available on Kindle worldwide and you are free for choice to set the price of your digital books and earn royalties up to 70 per cent.

It’s a blessing in disguise for customers as they shop from Amazon, they get benefits of special prices.

Over 55-100 listed companies with Amazon and with exclusive features for a business like a quote’s request or choice to showcase your certification is what make it is a good way to start your business as a wholesaler.

Sale Handcrafted Goods

Amazon provides a golden opportunity for your handcrafted goods. Its handcrafted goods service is available in more than 80 countries.

You can sell your handmade products with a good margin. You can make these products on a domestic level and sell them on Amazon with your brand tag and you can get a good profit.

There is a big market of handcrafted goods across the country on Amazon. Because of this, you can start your business and earn money online with Amazon by selling handcrafted goods.

Sell Through Affiliate Marketing

Selling through affiliate marketing is one of the easy, good and proven popular ways to date.

In this method, simply sign up and start promoting others products using Affiliate links they provide, for this purpose you must have a blog site or website where you create a sale copy for that product.

For instance, you have signed up for promoting mobile phones, you will make a product review content and link it with the product.

Then, you can earn 3-5 per cent of conversion rates from anywhere.

Work from Home for Amazon Customer Service Rep

Near about 650,000 employees are working in Amazon, and it will become most employee company soon.

Because of this, there is an opportunity to work with Amazon as a customer service rep. Amazon customer service is available at 130 locations across the world.

Amazon Influencers

Sell Using Merch by Amazon

If you are interested in designing coffee mugs, t-shirts and you haven’t enough resources to start your business in this field then there is no need to worry, just capitalize to merch on Amazon.

Upload your design with suitable colour and type then, your products page will be created by Amazon.

It is simple as that, selling, shipping, picking, returns and refunds all responsibility belong to Amazon. Just relax and start your business.

Amazon Influencers

If you have a good fan following on social media platforms, like Facebook Twitter, then You can become an Amazon influencer,

and earn commissioned base money by promoting products of different companies on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even through your YouTube channel.

For this purpose, a good following is a must. A good Fan following can attract Various brands to promote their products through different social platforms.



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